Las Vegas Escort Rates- What Determines Our Las Vegas Escort Prices

If you need companionship of a beautiful woman during your stay in Las Vegas, you might want to know our Las Vegas escort rates. Escorts are common in Sin City, just like they are in almost every large city. At, we bring you the most beautiful Escorts in Las Vegas. Our Vegas Escorts are the most stylish, professional, attractive, and sophisticated women in this city. They know how to give men exactly what they need when enlisting their service. That means our ladies will give you the best value for every cent that you spend on their companionship.

What determines our Las Vegas escort prices?

Generally, the price of a Las Vegas escort depends on where you find her. You can find escorts in casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, and even in streets of Las Vegas. However, these girls work independently and their services are very risky. That’s because some girls pose as escorts in these places while their real intention is to steal from unsuspecting clients. Some of them collaborate with thugs to rob innocent clients. As such, their services may be cheap but risky.

Basically, the price of an independent Escort in Las Vegas depends on the girl because she sets her own price. In most cases, the price of an independent escort in Sin City ranges from $200 to thousands of dollars. Of course, a very attractive escort will charge more for her service.

Our escort prices at are determined by the kind of a girl that you want to spend time with. For instance, you will pay more for our VIP escorts than for ordinary escorts. Additionally, the time that you want to spend with our escorts and the kind of services that you want our escorts to provide will determine their prices.

Watch out for red flags

Some escorts advertise their services in magazines, billboards, newspapers, cards, cabs, and limos. However, it’s important to know the minimum rates that such escorts can charge if they are genuine. Basically, if you come across an ad of an escort that charges something like $40, be cautious. That’s because Las Vegas escort rates that are below $200 are red flags. Thus, be cautious about an escort that charges you a suspiciously low price and claim to work with us.

Quality matters provides quality escort services. As such, we have a baseline fee for our escort services. However, this baseline fee varies and it is separate from tips that you may opt to give our girls. Our baseline fee starts from $300. Note that this is a reasonable price because we go an extra mile to handpick the most talented and the hottest girls only. We ensure each of our escorts will deliver world-class entertainment to the client. Thus, you can trust our girls to provide you with the finest entertainment only.

Perhaps, you have read horror stories of people that have found themselves in trouble after hiring cheap escorts in Sin city. Basically, paying a little extra for our escorts will give you the much needed peace of mind that you will never get with cheap, street escorts.

Best Las Vegas escort prices

Prices of our escorts may vary due to various factors including special requests and time when you want to book our girls in Las Vegas. Event type, number of guests to be entertained, and times like weekends, and overnight can cause a variation in prices. If you need an escort to accompany you outside Las Vegas, you may also pay more. Nevertheless, we always charge the best prices for escorts in Vegas.

Get in touch with now to find out more about our Las Vegas escort rates!

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