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At, we know that finding the right escorts in Las Vegas can be a daunting task. That’s why we maintain an enlightening, informative and frequently updated Las Vegas escorts blog that makes this task easier for you.

Is Prostitution Legal in Las Vegas, Nevada

While many people may assume that Las Vegas is a free-for-all for prostitutes, there are some important things you should know before going to the Strip. For starters, prostitution is completely illegal in the Las Vegas Strip. However, Nevada law does allow brothel prostitution in counties with less than seven hundred thousand people. Prostitutes in […]

Difference and Whathappensinvegasstays

It is hard for men to stay away from gorgeous ladies and not dream about having some fun with them. A lot of males choose the services of escorts to fulfill these desires and resort to or for this purpose. Although both of the websites aim to make two like-minded individuals meet, the […]

Live Up Your Fantasies with Private Delights

Private Delight Ch Private Delights is an escort site, looking to connect adults looking for sex. The site is open to two kinds of people. Some are offering their escort services to willing partners. They are allowed to place ads for their services. Then, some willing partners sign up to search for escort or escort […]

USA Sex Guide

USA Sex Guide Forum Review USA Sex Guide forum is a hub where people who share the same interest can meet kindred spirits. The forum has grown to become a powerful one where people who enjoy activities such as traveling for companionship, visiting massage parlors, frequenting strip, and sex clubs can meet. Simply put, this […]

Qualities of the Best Escort Service in Las Vegas

When in Sin City, whether you live there or are visiting, you need to know how to hire the best escort service. This city has many things that you can do for fun, and there are also many places where you can go. However, it would be best if you had an escort in Las […]

Why Some Men Prefer BBW Escorts in Las Vegas

If you find plus-size women more attractive, then book BBW escorts. These companions are ideal for men with physical cravings for plus-size women. Whether you are single or with your partner, you will easily find a plus-size babe who will offer the experience that you are looking for. BBW escorts in Las Vegas have very attractive […]

Hiring Escorts in Las Vegas for Professional Purposes

Generally, most men hire escorts in Las Vegas to have quality time with these companions. That’s because of the glamour in this industry and the fact that people view it from a sensual viewpoint. However, there are people that know the other side of this industry. Essentially, there are men that hire las vegas escorts […]

Attributes of the Best Escort Agency in Vegas

It’s no longer a secret that the best place to find companions is from a reputable escort agency. Today, people are using the internet to find companions for various occasions. That’s because the websites of these organizations provide a vast selection of babes for them to choose from. Over the recent years, there has been […]

Tips for Hiring Las Vegas Strippers for a Private Party

Male parties are never fun without strippers. These models make a party more exciting and fun. Organizers of the event may include different activities like drinking and dancing. However, bringing in Vegas strippers adds energy and a high spirit. These babes can come to any place where you organize a party and make the experience […]

Reasons to Date Russian Escorts in Vegas

Russian escorts in Vegas are the hottest choice for most men. The beauty of these models is stunning. In fact, this is one of the reasons why men are giving them preference over other companions. These babes look stunning despite the linguistic and cultural disparity that stands between them and other companions. Essentially, there are […]

Pros of Booking Porn Star Escorts

Porn star escorts see companionship differently. Nevertheless, these are the models to hire whenever you want to explore your sensuality more. With any of these courtesans, you are bound to live out your favorite fantasies the way you desire. Book an appointment with PSE escorts if you have always fantasized with the models that you […]

Attributes of the Best Escorts in Vegas

When looking for companions, you want to hire the best escorts. You need companions that you will be happy to have and show off. That’s why you should take time to conduct some research. Currently, there are many websites of directories and agencies that purport to have the best courtesans. These are the best places […]

Things to Do with Less than $20 in Las Vegas

Many people know Las Vegas as a party spot of the world. But, they think that to party like a “G”, you must have a large budget. However, this is not true. There is a lot of cool stuff that you can do for fun without spending a fortune. Here are some of the things […]

Las Vegas Trip- Tips for First-Time Visitors

Is this your first time to visit Las Vegas? Or, are you looking for the best way to get the most from your last minutes or days in the city? Regardless of the case, these tips for first-time visitors will help you enjoy, plan, and save money during your trip to this city. Everybody knows […]

How to Enjoy Your Las Vegas Stay without Gambling

Many people call Las Vegas the Gambling Mecca. However, this should not hinder you from traveling to this city if you are not a fan of gambling. There are many ways to enjoy your stay in this city without gambling. Here are some of them. Sightseeing Even when you go to the famous Strip, you […]

Las Vegas Vacation Overview

When you think of a trip to Las Vegas, what comes to your mind? Many people picture The Strip. This is a 4-mile stretch of Boulevard that has some of the greatest resorts, casinos, and hotels. But, this city has more than this. For instance, many travelers visit the Fremont Street to enjoy the yesteryears […]

Enjoy a Luxurious Las Vegas Getaway on a Tight Budget

If you decide to go on a trip to Las Vegas, you don’t have to set aside a large amount of money to enjoy a luxurious getaway. You just need some tips and know the deals to look for. That way, you will have a lavish trip at a reasonable price. Here are some of […]

Ways to Save Money during a Vacation in Las Vegas

This city was once considered the most ideal destination for those seeking low cost vacation. However, that has significantly changed today mainly due to the influx of mega resorts and other high end establishments. Even with this, there are still a number of options that you can pursue to make your vacation in this city […]

Tips for Planning Your Las Vegas Trip

Undoubtedly, Sin City is a thrilling place to go on vacation. Many people know this city for its mesmerizing sightseeing places and spectacular casinos. Generally, there are so many places where you can have a great time across the city. But just like trips to other places, a tour to this awesomely stunning city requires […]

Tips for Getting the Best Accommodation Deal in Las Vegas

Accommodation is an important factor to consider when planning a tour of this fantastic city. Though you will find a wide array of accommodation options during your tour, their prices can be overly expensive. Therefore, if you intend to visit this city, take time to learn how to get affordable and quality accommodation. Here are […]

Tips for Getting Around Vegas

Sin City is not just a fantastic city. It’s a favorite touring spot for many people from different parts of the country and the world over. But being as huge as it is, this city can be hard to tour around. That’s particularly the case if you didn’t take time to plan how to get […]

Best Ideas for a Trip to Las Vegas

Taking a trip to this city will offer you so much to see, hear and indulge in. This city is awash with luxurious resorts, casinos, hotels, parks, pool clubs and other spots that offer a wide range of activities to every family member. This city keeps changing with each new day. As such, you should […]

Truth about the Escorts Industry in Las Vegas

Many people think about entertainment and adult fun when they think about Las Vegas. And, there is a reason for this. Obviously, Sin City is one of the best places to go whenever you want to have a great time. The attractions and nightlife of this city are simply amazing. However, casinos and strip clubs […]

Status of the Las Vegas Adult Industry

The Las Vegas adult industry is a business like any other. However, this business does not have union spokespersons as well as profit and loss statements. But, players in this industry are still making a lot of money. That’s because though many people in the society have always been against this industry, nobody stands to […]

Las Vegas Adult Industry Events

If you are a fun of the Las Vegas adult industry, you definitely want to know the adult events, shows, exhibitions, and conventions that keep this industry thriving. Here are some of the major events that are hosted by players in this industry. Internext Las Vegas This event is also called the Original Adult Digital […]

An Overview of the Las Vegas Escort Industry

Let’s be honest, many people that want to enjoy their stay in Las Vegas book appointment with escorts in this city. That’s because though this city has an eclectic nightlife, you can’t enjoy all the fun when you spend time alone. Escorts are among the key players in the adult entertainment industry of this town. […]

The Las Vegas Adult Industry- Adult Entertainment Options and Ideas

Las Vegas adult industry provides entertainment that has been referred to as the couple’s choice by some people. That’s because entertainers in this industry know how to provide entertainment to couples that want to have unforgettable fun. In fact, many people that have enlisted services of this industry have had memorable experiences during their tour […]

Las Vegas Asian Escorts – They’re Sexy and Yes, They’re Spectacular

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation from time to time, and spending a night in Las Vegas with an Asian Escort is the best way to experience a city break – with added benefits. This is your dream date; a beautiful woman on your arm, dinner, drinks, a drive through the city lights, and […]

Guide to hire high class escorts in Las Vegas

Providing high class escort service in Las Vegas was never so easy. But now it is really effortless, whether you are a traveler or a resident of Las Vegas you can easily hire a high-class escort for companionship to spend some private moments of your life. There is no shortage of companies but to get […]

Fulfill your Wildest Fantasies with Porn-star Escorts

Have you ever dreamt of dozing with a porn star and doing what you have never done before? If YES!! You are at the right place, you just need to get in touch with What Happens in Vegas Stays and get access to hundreds of porn-star escorts profiles. Go and choose one for you right […]

What to Expect from Las Vegas Elite Escorts

There are a number of reasons why many men opt to hire services of elite escorts when visiting Las Vegas. Generally, Las Vegas elite escorts are meant to offer companionship and guidance to clients during their stay in this city. But, the kind of companionship that is offered by these women comes in different forms […]

How to go About Hiring Older Escorts in Las Vegas

Older Las Vegas escorts provide an easier way for sophisticated men to enjoy intimate pleasures and companionship with mature partners at their convenience. But, hiring services of older escorts in Las Vegas has often proven to be an uphill task to many. Some men avoid such engagements under the fear that it could lead to […]

Tricks for Selecting the Best Young Las Vegas Escorts

Booking the best escort comes with a lot of excitement. But, the joy can easily fade in minutes if you don’t have the right woman who knows how to please you. Since young Las Vegas escorts offer their services at a fee, you can feel ripped off if your needs are not met. However, you […]

How to Get the Best Experience with Las Vegas Greek Escorts?

It is a common belief that spending time with an escort guarantees ultimate pleasure and fun. But, not everybody that hires escorts ends up having the desired experience. Although las vegas greek escorts are in business, the overall experience does not only depend on the amount of money that you pay or amount of time […]

Spice Up Your Upcoming Summer Party with the Best Escorts in Las Vegas

Bringing the best escorts in Las Vegas into your summer party will turn it into an event that you and your guests will live to remember. Summer is the time to throw parties. And, when planning an amazing bash, good food and drinks, a stunning venue, and great music are not enough. You must bring […]

Tips on How to Identify the Best Escort Agency in Las Vegas

Finding the right escort agency in Las Vegas to hire an escort from can be a bit daunting. That’s because new escort agencies are emerging almost every day. However, not all of them have women that know how to treat clients. But, your ultimate goal is to find an agency that has women that provide […]

Why Successful Men Hire an Escort Service in Las Vegas?

Ask friends that live in or visit Sin City more often whether they have hired an escort service in Las Vegas and you will be surprised. Almost every successful man that lives in Vegas or visits it has hired an escort during their stay in this city. And, this is understandable considering the nature of […]

Reasons to Hire an Escort from the Top Las Vegas Escort Agency

For some men, a professional Las Vegas escort agency provides the best solution. That’s because dating has become a complex affair for them. And, though dating rules change, the needs of men that only women can satisfy remain. Unless when looking for someone to marry, a professional escort satisfies these needs better. That’s precisely why […]

Why You Should Bring Professional Las Vegas Strippers into Your Party

If you are organizing a party, you should consider the idea of bringing in professional Las Vegas strippers. Strippers are talented experts that know how to entertain guests. And, they never lose their charm and appeal. These ladies bring the much needed entertainment in bachelor parties, private events, and couple shows, among other occasions. They […]

Why Men Prefer Busty Escorts in Las Vegas?

Is dating a busty babe your dream? Then you should book an appointment with busty escorts in Las Vegas. Almost every man has a soft spot for busty women. Having a stunning, busty woman around gives every man great pleasure and joy. But, every man has his own reasons to prefer a busty woman. Here […]

Why Men Hire Las Vegas Escorts?

Are you visiting Las Vegas for the first time? Then you have most likely read somewhere that you should hire a Las Vegas escort to keep you company. Basically, the point of booking an appointment with an escort is to ensure that you get something different in this city. There are women where you come […]

How Spending Time with Las Vegas Top Escorts will Boost Your Health

Let’s face it. Many men have stressful lives. They don’t have time to enjoy quality, relaxing moments with the right women. In fact, though some men are married, they don’t have time to enjoy quality moments with their wives. And, being busy and lonely is not good for the human health. That’s why many men […]

Personality Traits that Make Top Escorts in Las Vegas Shine

Top escorts in Las Vegas have personality traits that make them stand out. Basically, pursuing a successful career as an escort is not easy. It requires high level of professionalism and commitment to clients’ satisfaction. Nevertheless, this venture is hugely rewarding for women that do things right. At, you find the top Las Vegas […]

3 Major Benefits of Hiring the #1 Las Vegas Escort Services

The number of agencies that offer Las Vegas Escort services is increasing by the day. This can be attributed to the equally rising demand for these services in the city. Las Vegas receives visitors from different parts of the world every year. The majority of these visitors are men who need companionship during their stay […]

Why Many Men Choose Las Vegas Black Escorts?

To confirm the saying that the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, you need to schedule an appointment with a Las Vegas black escort. Basically, you will never know why many men prefer black escorts in Las Vegas unless you spend time with one. Basically, black escorts from an escort agency like are […]

What You Should Know about a Las Vegas Asian Escort?

Booking an appointment with a Las Vegas Asian escort gives you a chance to spend time with a prestigious exotic girl in Sin City. Asian escorts in Sin City are beautiful women that are mostly busy and in demand. They look young and distinctive with dark eyes and long hair. Actually, many men want to […]

Tips on How to Hire the Best Escorts in Vegas

You want to spend time with the best escorts in Las Vegas. But, how do you find them? Las Vegas has many gorgeous women that you might want to spend time with. However, you must be careful when getting your women in Sin City. That’s because if you are not careful, you will get arrested […]

Tips for Hiring the Best Las Vegas GFE Escort

Every man has his own reasons to hire a GFE escort. To a reputable escort agency like What Happens in Vegas Stays, any of your reasons are always valid. We believe that nothing should hinder you from spending time with the woman of your dream in Sin City. You simply need to share your needs […]

Things to Know when Hiring an Escort Service

If you intend to spend some days in Las Vegas, you might want to hire an escort service in Las Vegas. If you know a reputable escort agency, you will most likely have a better experience. However, if you don’t know any escort agency, there are things that you should know before you hire an […]

Reasons to Hire Escorts from an Elite Escort Agency

There are many reasons to hire escorts from a reputable, elite escort agency in Vegas. They include the following: You have been frustrated by other options Perhaps, you have come across other options like eros escorts and backpage escorts but all of them have ended with frustrations. Maybe you have tried blind dates, online dating […]

How to Get the Most from Pornstar Escorts in Vegas?

If you are intrigued by the idea of spending time with porn stars, you should book an appointment with pornstar escorts in Vegas. Porn star escorts are currently in high demand for their ability to provide excellent companionship and gratify clients’ desires. Some of these escorts have a celebrity status and reputation among pornography fans. […]

How to Hire Escorts in Vegas in 7 Simple Steps?

If you have never hired escorts in Las Vegas, you may not know where to start once you decide to use their services. What makes the process more challenging, is booking an appointment with an escort over the internet. Many first-timers are usually nervous about this. But, things become easier when you know the steps […]

How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas?

So, you or a friend have decided to take a plunge and settle down. Now, you want to plan an unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas. But how do you do this? A bachelor party is usually a time-honored tradition. It never gets outdated, old-fashioned, or out of style. This party provides the best way […]

Etiquettes to Observe When You Hire an Escort in Las Vegas

Once you hire an escort in Las Vegas, you want the time you spend with her to be the most fulfilling and enjoyable during your stay in this city. However, you need to abide by certain etiquette for this to happen. Remember that how you behave and treat your escort will influence how she also […]

How to Get the Best Independent Escorts in Las Vegas?

Independent escorts in Vegas make the time spent in this city unforgettable. Anybody who has visited Sin City knows that this city is usually full of fun. There are many, beautiful girls that are ready to bring fun to your hotel room, apartment or residence all over Sin City. It doesn’t matter what your taste […]

How to Ensure a Good Experience with a Las Vegas Escort?

When booking an appointment with a Las Vegas escort, every man wants to have the best experience with her in Sin City. Unfortunately, some men do not achieve this goal because they don’t know how to treat escorts. It’s important to remember that escorts are humans. Although reputable escort agencies like What Happens in Vegas […]

How to be the Favorite Client for Vegas Escorts?

Escorts are humans with likes and dislikes. If you want to be the favorite client for high end escorts, mature escorts, pornstar escorts, BBW escorts, or other escorts in Las Vegas, you must know how to conduct yourself whenever you spend time with them. Here are tips to guide you: Know your escorts well Whenever […]

How to Secure the Best Escort Services in Vegas

Are you new in Las Vegas? Do you need professional escort services? If both apply to your situation, it is important that you read through this article keenly. This article provides a beginner’s guide on how to get the perfect escorts in Las Vegas. Perhaps you are wondering where I should start and what places […]

Booking Appointment with an Escort in Las Vegas: Factors to Consider

There are many escorts in Las Vegas. Some of them are freelancers while others work with reputable agencies like What Happens in Vegas Stays. Booking an appointment with a Las Vegas escort that works with a reputable agency is the best option because you are guaranteed a quality and reliable service. You also communicate with […]

A Guide for Hiring Las Vegas Escorts

While in Las Vegas, you will come across all types of ladies that are ready to provide companionship to visitors. It’s crucial that you avoid confusing las vegas escorts with prostitutes. Escorts are professionals that provide top-notch companionship. If you are not careful, you might end up hiring a prostitute while looking for a Sin […]

What Makes “What Happens in Vegas Stays” the Best Escort Agency in Las Vegas?

What Happens in Vegas Stays is a premier escort agency in Las Vegas. Our female escorts provide high quality escort services to clients in Sin City and its environs. These ladies have been carefully selected and screened. The inborn traits of these girls combined with their stunning beauty makes them the best escorts in Sin […]

What Makes Our Las Vegas Escorts Tick

Just like women in other places, Las Vegas escorts are different. Some are hot, others are pleasant and some are busty. Generally, there are many terms that can be used to describe them. But, whether you want busty escorts, big booty escorts, all natural escorts, mature escorts, petite escorts, teen escorts or black escorts, What […]

How to Use Services of Our Escorts in Las Vegas

If you have never used services of our escorts in Las Vegas before, you may have few concerns and questions about what you may expect from them. Since we care about your well-being, we have put together a brief guide to make things easier for you. What escorts offer Our Vegas escorts exist to provide […]

Technology Makes Accessing the Best Las Vegas Escort Service Easier

Las Vegas is a popular city for fancy cars, big money and beautiful women. In fact, Las Vegas is synonymous with clubs, casinos, women and wildness among others. But the Las Vegas escort service that is offered by is one thing that is making this city stand out. This escort service is making life […]

Calls for Las Vegas Backpage to be Accountable Intensify

Players in the adult entertainment industry have called on Las Vegas Backpage to be more accountable. Both escort services providers and clients have complained about people posing as escorts on Backpage. Backpage has been termed as a melting spot for punters, escorts, swingers and occasional psychopaths. According to the players in the industry, Backpage as […]

The Leading Las Vegas Escort Agency Share the Top Adult Entertainment Secrets

Everybody that is headed to Vegas is browsing through the website of a reputable Las Vegas escort agency. At, we never let you down when it comes to the latest escort information and escort service delivery. We have everything you need for your big plans in Sin City. You most likely want to live […]

The Best Escorts In Las Vegas Top Rated Services

Spending time with a beautiful and hot woman doesn’t have to be something you just dream about anymore. Using one of the best escorts services in Las Vegas can change all of that. By getting in touch with one of Las Vegas best escorts services, you avoid all of those problems. The honest truth is […]

Sin City Escorts Give Visitors a Chance to Avoid the Temptation of Illegal Prostitution

Escorts in Sin City are giving you a chance to avoid falling into the trap of illegal prostitution. Let’ s face it. Many visitors in Las Vegas want to enjoy the night life, gaming and adult fun. The adult fun that many visitors want is paid sex. That’ s because Las Vegas is known for […]

Las Vegas Eros Unmasked- Everything You Wanted to Know about Las Vegas Eros

Eros Las Vegas is the oldest escort advertising website with listings in most American States. This site has established a reputation of being an ideal website for advertising yourself when you want to reach a larger audience. However, the site is very costly to some escorts. An escort that needs a “base” ad for instance, […]

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Difference and Whathappensinvegasstays

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