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Private Delights is an escort site, looking to connect adults looking for sex. The site is open to two kinds of people. Some are offering their escort services to willing partners. They are allowed to place ads for their services. Then, some willing partners sign up to search for escort or escort services.

Private Delights is a pretty small escort site, as it has a little over 300 escort profiles and so you might not find what you’re looking for easily.

Even with this, it is easy to use the site which takes strict measures in making sure only adults and those comfortable with viewing rated R material can access the site.

When you open, which is the official web address, you first have to accept the terms in the disclaimer making sure you can access the site. Then, it is divided into two sides: one side for the clients and the other for the providers or escorts.

The site offers quick screening of the escort profiles for the clients. They can also read reviews, and the site provides easy location-related searches. The providers can also screen potential clients and public chat on a forum.

You can’t view the site without signing up, and you can do so as a client or a provider.

Private Delights Reviews

From the user reviews on Private Delights, it is obvious that this site does a good job of protecting their clients and taking responsibility. Since the providers can screen their clients, they can avoid bad experiences. Also, they ensure that no one can sign up without a valid ID that shows they are of the legal age in their country, which is 18 or 21.

The site provides a safe and open-minded space for both clients and providers to express themselves and employ sex services swiftly.

How to Join the Private Delights Site?

When you open the Private Delights page, you can join as a client or a provider. As a client, you will be asked for your username, password, and email address. Then, you need to create your account with a biography and a phone number they can reach you on. Without the biography, you’d probably not get any escorts.

The same process is needed for providers, except they have to include other details that will guide a prospective client’s decision.


Ordering Services

Unlike other escort sites where the women look too fake, or too good to be real, those at Private Delights look completely legit. There are different types of women, from cute and adorable to full-blown sexy. Although they are a small number, they are real women that will show up at your door when you have an agreement with them.

The escort site also has a wide variety of types to choose from. If your type is curvy, or you like thin women, they have it all. There are also brunettes, blondes, redheads, and women of different nationalities. Also, you should be able to find whatever you’re into. From straight-up vanilla sex to different kinks, you’ll find an escort willing to do what you want.

When you find someone that you want to spend time with, you only have to click on her profile. There, you will see her stats, location, nationality, age, and body type. You will also see what she is willing to do and what kinks she would allow.

Then, you can check out the rates and modes of payment that she accepts. You can read reviews from other clients on her page, but ensure you are respectful towards her as the rules state. The rules state that you shouldn’t be specific or disclose sensitive information such as addresses or any other personal details.

The Good

  • The site is quick, convenient, and easy to use.
  • It includes enough information about the providers for you to make your choice.
  • There are many types to choose from, depending on what you’re into.
  • The girls are beautiful, hot, or adorable.
  • The payment methods are convenient.
  • The site is safe and protects your information.
  • It prevents underage members.

The Bad

  • There are not many escort profiles, so you might not find your type near your location.
  • It is hosted in Europe so US users might not find many options.
  • It can cost you a lot.
  • It does not provide hookups for straight women or gay men.

Remember that it is free to sign up on Private Delights but not free to get escort services.

Our Verdict

Private Delights is one of the few amazing escort sites. Apart from the fact that there are a little over 300 escort profiles, you will have a great time on the site. The site is safe for clients and providers and protects all information. If you’re into this kind of thing, you can open an account now and find the right girl for you.

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