Ways to Save Money during a Vacation in Las Vegas

This city was once considered the most ideal destination for those seeking low cost vacation. However, that has significantly changed today mainly due to the influx of mega resorts and other high end establishments. Even with this, there are still a number of options that you can pursue to make your vacation in this city more cost effective. The following are key tips to help you save money while on a trip to this city.

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Hotels and accommodation

There are numerous hotels and other establishments that offer accommodation facilities in this city. But, do not simply book into one of them because most people say it is great. One of the best ways to get the best deals on hotels is using discount promo codes. In fact, you should take advantage of all discounts that are offered to make the overall costs much less.

Most hotels usually offer cheaper rates during weekdays. And, booking for accommodation during such times could save you money. Keep in mind the fact that the rates for hotels and other accommodation facilities usually change from time to time especially during holidays or annual events.

Some hotels charge a processing fee for bookings that are made via telephone. You can avoid such additional expenses by doing all your bookings online.

Food and Dining

For visitors that love the city’s buffets, it is advisable to check into the establishments during lunch times when they offer cheaper rates.

In case you love wine, ordering by the bottle is usually more cost effective than ordinary ordering. This will definitely help you save some money on the side.

Compared to restaurants, casino food courts and frequent buffets are relatively cheaper.

Instead of going for the expensive soft drinks and bottled water that are offered in most restaurants, simply order ice water.

Before you check into a restaurant and order food or drinks, be sure to check the prices. Without that, you will end up spending a great chunk of your money on food and dining.

Moving around the city

This city has a lot to offer but only if you can easily move around. If you have your own car, avoid getting gas from the Strip. Instead, drive west or east to find cheaper gas prices. The gas stations that are located downtown usually have the best prices.

Walking or riding the Monorail is the cheapest way to move around. However, a bus is also another cheaper option that can spare you some money on the side.

Taxis can also be an efficient means of travel across the city. In case you notice one or a few people going to the same direction with you, consider hiring one taxi and split the fare.


This city is the ultimate destination for show lovers. It features lots of entertainment by some of the best performers. To buy show tickets without spending a lot of money, consider doing it online and early.

When buying the tickets, it is advisable to opt for tickets by email or via mobile phone to avoid the additional shipping and handling costs.

Follow these tips and you will definitely save money during your next vacation to this city.

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