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Las Vegas Vacation Overview

When you think of a trip to Las Vegas, what comes to your mind? Many people picture The Strip. This is a 4-mile stretch of Boulevard that has some of the greatest resorts, casinos, and hotels. But, this city has more than this. For instance, many travelers visit the Fremont Street to enjoy the yesteryears of this city.

There are also the Green Valley or Henderson areas as well as the Red Rock areas whose atmosphere is more relaxed. These are the places to go when you want to enjoy a great experience away from the bustle and hustle of The Strip. They are also the places to go when you want to enjoy great shopping, golf, spas, and dinning.


This city is known to host the most entertaining, incredible, and captivating shows. If you want to catch a show in this city during your vacation, know the most popular shows to consider in advance. For instance, I want to know the most popular resident DJs in the city and where they perform.

Follow them on their social media platforms. Also visit websites of venues that host live shows in the city. Find out when they will feature different performances. This city features comedy shows and live music performances almost every week. In fact, it is home to both permanent and semi-permanent shows. It also welcomes foreign performers.

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You will find endless activities across the city during your vacation. For instance, you can visit the Bellagio fountain or the Viva Vision, which is the largest global outdoor screen located on the Fremont Street. This city is home to unique museums that include the Neon Sign Graveyard and the Atomic Testing Museum. There are also family-friendly attractions like the Bellagio Conservatory, Coca Cola Factory, as well as M&M Factory. You can also enjoy thrilling rides inside the Circus Circus and the Stratosphere.

Casinos and Hotels

Casinos and hotels are as many as the stars in this city. Perhaps, the best thing about casinos and hotels in this city is that you can enjoy a great experience at their gaming areas and theaters any time. You can also have a great time at restaurants, shops and even enjoy their overall experience without being a guest.

Almost every hotel has a spectacular theme. Once you go to these establishments, you enjoy the experiences of the worlds of Ancient Egypt, France, Medieval Ages, Italy, and Brazil among others without leaving the city. What’s more, you get great deals when you conduct some research before your trip.


In the past, this city was known for cheap seafood buffets and prime rib. Today, it has evolved and become a culinary capital that attracts upscale visitors. It’s also known for celebrity chef hotels and restaurants, delicious and fun casual eateries, as well as over-the-top buffets.

But, you will still find reasonably priced and cheap eats as well as casual dining establishments in this city. Strip hotels offer opulent buffets while big names have the best high-end restaurants that are known for fine dining.

Clearly, this city has so much to offer vacationers. Simply plan your Las Vegas vacation in advance to enjoy a memorable experience.

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