Etiquettes to Observe When You Hire an Escort in Las Vegas

Once you hire an escort in Las Vegas, you want the time you spend with her to be the most fulfilling and enjoyable during your stay in this city. However, you need to abide by certain etiquette for this to happen. Remember that how you behave and treat your escort will influence how she also behaves and treat you.

Therefore, strive to make her comfortable around you while maintaining a pleasurable ambiance. Rest assured that following these etiquettes will make the experience more pleasurable and memorable for both of you.
Here are the major etiquettes to follow when you meet a Las Vegas escort:


This is a basic etiquette for escorts in Las Vegas, clients, and anybody else that is about to get intimate with another person. If you are smelly and dirty when meeting an escort, you will put her off. She will develop a repulsive attitude towards you and she might even cancel the appointment right away.

Therefore, take a shower, put on an aftershave, and wear crisp, fresh clothes before you meet your escort. Brush your teeth to ensure a fresh breath. Make sure that your escort forms a great first impression of you so that she can be attracted to you from the beginning.


Safety is a major concern for both the escorts and their clients. That’s because the escort industry has been invaded by thugs and prostitutes. Nevertheless, to ensure your safety, hire an escort from a reputable escort agency like What Happens in Vegas Stays.

Such an agency has thoroughly scrutinized and professionally trained escorts. These will not do anything that will put either of you at risk. Similarly, you should be honest with your escort and don’t do anything that will put her safety at risk or make her uncomfortable. Additionally, if you have a health condition, don’t hide it from the escort.


Although tipping is not a requirement, it’s always a nice idea especially if you are satisfied with the service of an escort in Las Vegas. Tipping will bring a smile on the face of your escort. It will also make the escort want to spend time with you again and even give you more sensual pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.


If the escort that you spend time with in Las Vegas meets your satisfaction, it’s a good idea to write a review on her profile. Writing a nice review for an escort is a nice gesture that most escorts appreciate.

So, if this is your first time to hire a Las Vegas escort, follow these etiquettes to ensure an awesome experience with her. Get in touch with What Happens in Vegas Stays now to book one of our charming escorts.

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